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Crypto-alfa is one of the leading companies in the cryptocurrency market, trusted by.

Our experts constantly monitor the economic situation and the position of the cryptocurrency market in the world, that`s why we provide the most relevant up to date information.

Using innovative technologies that allow us to track the maximum number of financial indicators of companies providing shares, we increase our customers income. This allows us to confidently predict the income from the issuance of securities.

Our company has already proved its competitiveness, so now we are ready to attract private investors in our project aiming acceleration of its capitalization.

We minimize the risks of our customers, due to the fact that our company cooperates with the most famous and large funds in the world. This helps not only reduce risk, but also ensure high predictability of the market situation.

Crypto Alfa

Our company is officially registered as an investment agent in India, Mumbai.

High quality and many years of experience are confirmed by special international certificates.

Our specialists regularly take specialized courses, which allows us to introduce the latest technologies with high speed.

Crypto Alfa
Where to begin? three steps
1. Sign up

Registration will take 2 minutes. You do not need a passport number, only your name, phone number and email address.

2. Create a Deposit

You can start with a minimum investment: $1-2. Account replenishment сommission - 0%

3. Get profit

Withdraw funds in any way convenient for you: Perfect Money, Bitcoin and other payment methods.

Our advantages Why us?

Our task is to save and increase your funds! Your passwords and funds are reliably protected on crypto-strong servers.


We increase not only our customers profit, but also partners. We appreciate your trust and therefore generously share the company's revenues.


We save your time, so the average payment expectation takes from 1 to 24 hours.


Thanks to the latest operating system and the high quality of our work, you spend a minimum of time, getting profit instead.


Our company has a technical support service that is ready to answer any questions you may have around the clock.